How to Place an Order for NZ

NZ Christmas Promo

Buy 2 Classic Devices for $580 USD


1. Take Payment

2. Purchase PIN

3. Register PIN

NZ Prices & Stock Updates

SILVER:  Classic Device, IONShield or 7 Wonders $400 USD

GOLD:  3 Classics/Shields/7Wonders or a Premium Device $1200 USD

DIAMOND:  10 Classics/Shields/7Wonders or a Pro Device $4000 USD 

Includes taxes & standard postage

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Step 1 – Taking Payment

This video explains how to take a payment using your Top Up Link. When taking payment also take your customers name, mobile, email, delivery address and a username that can be used for their login/sponsor link.

Step 2 – How to Place an Order for NZ

This video explains how to place the new customer/member order with a stockist and register them with a back office account

Step 3 – Record Order & Send Email Confirmation

It is your responsibility to send the customer the user manuals, it’s also a good idea to keep a record of all of your orders for any future reference or follow up

How to Cancel, Upgrade & Place a BRO

How to Cancel a Sale

How to Upgrade Your Account

Bonus Redemption Orders


Please reach out to the person you purchased your device through for further support & assistance, please make it known to them that you wish to become a distributor - they cannot help you if you do not reach out first.
And remember when you build your team you are building their team. It is their job to support you in your business.