How to Place Orders

Before you place an order please ensure you understand where to place your members & customers in your downline. Please seek training from your sponsor or upline for further clarification and advanced strategies for builders.

In this binary you are building the outside of your left leg and the inside of your right leg.

You only ever place someone on the left side of your left leg or the left side of your right leg. This creates a level pairing bonus which is $80 for a Silver Pair, $240 for a Gold Pair & $800 for a Diamond Pair. Or the lesser of the two when two different member levels are lined up.

Your first sale must be placed on your left leg – the system will not let you place them anywhere else. You may already have people placed under you in your left leg (from spillover from your upline) which means your very first person will go to the end of the line on the left leg.

Your second sale will be placed directly underneath you on your right leg. Then you continue to build the left side of each leg so that they are relatively even to create the level pairing bonuses.

How to Place an Order for Anywhere in the World

Step 1 – Find out how to check prices for each region/country in your back office.

Step 2 – Check to make sure the stockist has stock so that you give your customer realistic expectations of delivery times.

Step 3 – Take payment using your Top Up Link. Get all the customers info (name, ph, email, address & username for their account login). Be sure to explain to your customer prior to taking their payment that all orders are final and there a NO refunds if they change their mind or are not satisfied with the product or their results.

Step 4 – Place the order with the stockist via the REGISTER process. Remember to change the delivery status from Pending to Courier otherwise the order will just sit in the back office and the device won’t be sent out.

Step 5 – Send your customer the user manuals and instructions on how to register their warranty.

** Please understand that it is your responsibility to let your customer know that their payment is non-refundable and the device is covered under a one year manufacturers warranty and will be repaired or replaced if the device is faulty or malfunctions **

How to Place an Order for each Country/Region

How to Cancel, Upgrade & Place a BRO

How to Cancel a Sale

How to Upgrade Your Account

Bonus Redemption Orders


Please reach out to the person you purchased your device through for further support & assistance, please make it known to them that you wish to become a distributor - they cannot help you if you do not reach out first.
And remember when you build your team you are building their team. It is their job to support you in your business.