Free & Paid Websites

FREE Website to send anyone wanting more info

If you are not ready to pay any extra dollars right now but would like something to send to your leads I have put together a basic website that anyone can use to share with their prospects – it does not have anyone’s contact details on the site – just a note that tells your customer to go back to the person who shared the site with them. This way everyone can use it.

Please feel free to share this site with your team & leads.

Get a Funnel Marketing Website for $29/month

If you would like a place to send your potential customers there is now a “done for you” marketing website where your customers can sign up through a Capture Page to receive more information.

The complete TeraHertz Funnel Marketing System costs $29.00 per month… or free if you have at least 3 others sign up with your referral link.

View the demo below to see what your potential customers see once they opt-in to your funnel – it’s really awesome, I love what the team have put together.

Please Contact Your Sponsor for their link to purchase the marketing system


Please reach out to the person you purchased your device through for further support & assistance, please make it known to them that you wish to become a distributor - they cannot help you if you do not reach out first.
And remember when you build your team you are building their team. It is their job to support you in your business.