How to Set Up Your Back Office

Instructions on how to set up your Back Office

Change Your Passwords

Login to your back office here:

Go to SETTING from the bottom menu bar

Click on Edit Login Password and enter your Login Password Information then click on Next Step

Click on Edit Security Password and first enter your Login Password then enter your new Security Password and repeat.

Add Your Address & Bank Account Details

Go to SETTING from the bottom menu bar

Click on Personal Detail, enter your Security Password

Basic: check all of your info is correct

Address: add your delivery address here – if you win a reward this is the address your prize will be sent to. This field also needs to be filled out before you can withdraw money to your bank account.

Beneficiaries: add a beneficiary (this field is optional)

Bank: add your bank account details

USDT: add your USDT TRC20 wallet address if you want to withdraw your commission in cryptocurrency.


Please reach out to the person you purchased your device through for further support & assistance, please make it known to them that you wish to become a distributor - they cannot help you if you do not reach out first.
And remember when you build your team you are building their team. It is their job to support you in your business.