How to Pay & Renew Your Monthly Maintenance Fee

Pay & Renew Your Maintenance

Step 1:  Make Payment Using Your Top Up Link

Login to your back office here:

Go to NAVIGATE from the bottom menu bar

Click on very first link called Top Up and pay your fee which will automatically show up in your Register Wallet

Once you have made the payment you then need to renew your monthly maintenance

Step 2:  Renew Your Monthly Maintenance

Go to NAVIGATE from the bottom menu bar

Click on MAINTENANCE (Last Blue Link)

Click on the drop down arrow next to the Auto Maintenance Field and select the number of months you wish to pay

Enter your Security Password then click on Confirm

Check your countdown timer on the home page to ensure the maintenance has renewed correctly


Note:  If you want to use money from your Bonus Wallet to pay for your maintenance then type the amount you want to use from your BW into the Bonus Wallet Amount field.


Please reach out to the person you purchased your device through for further support & assistance, please make it known to them that you wish to become a distributor - they cannot help you if you do not reach out first.
And remember when you build your team you are building their team. It is their job to support you in your business.