How to Get Started with your iTeraCare Device

Welcome & Congratulations…

Before getting started with your brand new iTeraCare Terahertz Device please be sure to read the user guides and manuals so that you understand the contraindications and suggested guidelines.

Please note that none of these guidelines are set in stone, and are just suggested protocols, do what feels right for you and adjust the treatments accordingly as Mr Soma explains in the videos below.

The device is deeply detoxifying so it’s best to begin slow and ease your way into the frequency application to minimise any unwanted reactions.

If you are sensitive or want to minimise any kind of detox reactions then you may want to begin by just drinking the charged/structured water, a lot of people find this a much gentler way of easing into the frequency treatments.

Start with one or two glasses of structured water a day and increase slowly each day providing you are not experiencing unwanted detox effects… then move on to using it on your body when you feel comfortable to do so.

You may find that you have problems sleeping if you use the device or drink the charged water close to bedtime – observe yourself and adjust your treatments and/or water intake accordingly.

Just remember that everyone is different and there is no “one fits all” guideline here – take this as an opportunity to understand your own body and adjust your treatments accordingly.

Thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy your wand as much as I do ❤️

Follow the 10 Step Warm Up Guide

It is recommended that you go through the 10 Step Warm-Up protocol before each treatment if time permits… the guide suggests 2-3mins per body part however I would recommend starting with only 15-30secs on each point when you first begin to ease your way into the frequency application.

2-3 minutes can be too much for some people.

If you do not have time to complete the entire protocol each time then just blow on the palms & soles of the feet.

Remember to figure out what works for you.

Be sure to drink the charged water before and after each treatment as per the guidelines.


⬇️  Download the full user instruction manuals here  ⬇️

Video Instructions with our iTeraCare Product Advisor Mr Soma


The iTeraCare blower is not medical equipment and the manufacturer provides no medical advice.

Users understand that the device is not intended to be used as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes on which reliance should be placed. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or advice by a trained medical care practitioner.

Users understand that they use the iTeraCare blower at their own risk.

Always consult your doctor or another healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition, or for specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the iTeraCare blower, nutrition or physical activity.


For further support with your purchase or information on how to become a distributor so that you can share this amazing device with your network please go back to the person you purchased your device from.